Victor Cody Fucks and Breeds Prince Al

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When Victor Cody arrives home for lunch he discovers his boy has another hunger to be feed. Victor gets a quick taste of the boy's uncut dick, and then strips naked to let Prince Ali go down on him. The boy licks and sucks Victor, as spit runs down his balls, before daddy stands him on the bed and swallows his cock. Turning him around, Victor plants his tongue up the boy's tight asshole and gets it ready for some lunch time meat. Then he goes back to sucking his bottom and soon precum is flowing from the young man's dick. Ready to fuck, Victor turns Prince over and slips his hard cock in for a bareback pounding. A position change has Prince on his knees for another round of raw ass slapping from his daddy. Finally, with legs in the air, Victor rolls Prince onto his shoulders so he can pump it in as deep as possible. Victor fucks Prince until he explodes, sending a stream of cum up the boy's back, before shoving his pulsing cock back in and filling him with daddy seed. With fresh cum dripping from his ass, Prince spills his jizz all over the sheets, just in time for daddy to end his lunch break and return to work.